Major League Hacking 2021 Hackathon Season
hackPHS 2020
Nov 7-8


What is hackPHS?

hackPHS hosts over 300 high school students from across New Jersey to collaborate, innovate, and create in a 24-hour, student organized hackathon based at Princeton High School. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced hacker, hackPHS will have something for you!

When and Where is hackPHS?

hackPHS is moving online due to COVID-19. This means that anyone, anywhere in the world can participate! All times are tentative, but as of now the opening ceremony is planned to start at 10:30AM on Saturday and the closing ceremony will end at 2PM on Sunday

Who pays for all this?

hackPHS is completely free to everyone, thanks to our amazing sponsors!

What is a hackathon?

Hackathons are where creative and enthusiastic people come together to build awesome projects in a single all-nighter. With awesome workshops and incredible prizes, hackers will learn about new tech, build innovative solutions to real-world problems, and share their creation with the community, all in one event. If you are looking for a competition, a place to meet fellow hackers, or even just a place to learn how to code, hackathons are for you. If you want to learn more, see the MLH Hackathon FAQ.


As long as you attend at least one workshop or submit your project to devpost, you will be mailed all of the swag that you would normally receive at the event. This includes t-shirt, stickers, etc. This is true no matter where you live in the world!
Unfortunately, this event is for high school students only. If you are no longer a high schooler and would like to help out, consider applying to be a mentor.
Apply by going to our clipboard. Swag will be distributed on a first-come first-serve basis, so apply ASAP!
These signups will open soon. Please do not use the normal application form. If you have any questions, please email us
Teams of up to 4 people are encouraged (though not mandatory). If you don't have a team before the event, don't worry! At the beginning of the event, there will be a team building workshop, which will be a great way to meet other enthusiastic people and even make new friends.
No matter if you're a first time hackathon attendee and have no idea what to do (everyone was a beginner once), or are an experienced hacker who wants to give back to the community, it is a good idea to join our Facebook event! In addition to all the important announcements and information about the event, you'll be able to find others to guide you through the hackathon process and help you develop something awesome.
All hackers must abide by Major League Hacking's Code of Conduct. TL;DR - all hackers should respect one another.
hackPHS hopes to emphasize learning and collaboration more so than competition - nonetheless, there will be awesome prizes to be won for some the best hacks made during the event! The full prize list will be released later - make sure to follow us on social media to find out when!
While you can learn a great deal in the process of building an ambitious project in such a limited time frame, we also plan to offer many introductory workshops (around 1 hour each) during the event, for those new to software and/or hardware engineering. Specific topics will include Arduino programming, iOS development, and Python, among many others - check our schedule (coming soon) for the full list!
Please feel free to email us at if you have any other questions about hackPHS!


Time Event
9:30 AM Server Opens
10:30 AM Opening Ceremony
11:00 AM Hacking Begins
11:00 AM Team Building
11:30 AM Intro to Python
1:00 PM How to get an internship
2:00 PM Intro to Java
3:00 PM Beginner's Challenge
3:00 PM Build a Cloud-Connected AR/VR App in 15 minutes or less
4:00 PM How to start a Hackathon
5:00 PM Intro to React
6:00 PM CTF Presented by U.S. Air Force
6:30 PM Bob Ross M.S. Paint with MLH
7:00 PM Zoom Photo Booth Open
7:30 PM 3D Design/Printing
8:00 PM Spyfall
8:30 PM Github
9:00 PM Intro to Arduino/Robotics
9:30 PM Kahoot
10:00 PM Chess Tournament
11:00 PM Virtual Scavenger Hunt
12:30 AM Mafia
1:00 AM Skribbl
7:00 AM Mediation/Yoga
11:00 AM Submissions Close
11:15 AM Judging Begins
1:00 PM Judging Ends
1:00 PM Q&A with Organizers
1:30 PM Closing Ceremony